Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A new blogger has born

For a while I have been thinking about how I could contribute to the Tridion community, and at last I found the answer, and you are looking at it right now ;o)

My motivation to create my own blog has been to do things "my way", what I mean by that is that I have seen plenty of sites in which you can usually do either: read posts from one person or contribute to a code repository. This is not just good, this is really good, fantastic, amazing! But, I will try to do something that I haven't found yet... wondering what it is? Just getting there.

Well, I would like to go one step further by sharing with the community some code snippets that from time to time pop up in internal discussions at Tridion and to centralize all what I read out there from Tridion. I am thinking of creating a kind of place where you can find most of the posts/articles on the internet somehow organized by category.

Additionally, of course I will share my own code examples about Tridion and occasionally general web development.

Often I find myself going through god knows how many blogs to check what's new out there, I really hope that I can address that to maybe make somebody else's life easier.


  1. Thanks! That sounds good, I'll have an eye on this blog! (or better, add it in google reader)

  2. Welcome!

    Tridion is so big and touches so many technologies you'll defnitely have lots and lots to write about.

    To tease a fellow peer, I've found blogging seems to work best when sharing what we enjoy and interests us over worrying too much at tracking the rest of the community.

    I'm hoping we get to a point where it's almost impossible for anyone to aggregate _ALL_ the info out there because there's just too much (hopefully good) stuff. :-)

  3. On second thought, I do appreciate the collection of links in useful categories, especially the "Modular Templating" collection. Thanks!

    We'll still make it hard for you by contributing and building the community! hehe