Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sharing from TechLink

TechLink is an internal E-Mail distribution list in Tridion, where mostly technical questions and problems are discussed. 

One of my main motivations to create this blog, was the fact that in TechLink seems to be a lot of information that is worth to share with the rest of the Tridion Community. 

I have actually already collected quite a lot of information from TechLink, but so far I just added a couple of code snippets to this blog. 

As I see it, the dilemma is how to share as much as possible without taking somebody else credit. I have spent and I will continue spending time collecting useful info from TechLink, but I will not track down who is done every little detail to give that person the credit that for sure he/she deserves. In fact this is often mission impossible.

I have created a label TechLink to mark all the posts with content coming from there. Additionally if anyone feels that I am sharing his/her code inappropriately just let me know.

My ultimate goal is trying to help to grow the Tridion Community by sharing knowledge (mine or not), and I really hope that from here I can contribute my 2 cents...

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