Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NetBiscuits - HelloWorld with a Custom .NET Application

As far as I am aware this will be the first step by step tutorial to get up and running a NetBiscuit app feed from a .NET app. Otherwise I should have known where that tutorial was yesterday! I had some problems getting my first NetBiscuit app to work.

I intend to provide great detail so that absolutely anyone can get it done, I'll show screenshots of every step.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Crete an empty Website using Visual Studio
  2. Download a Sample NetBiscuit app from
  3. Copy the bml and images to your website
  4. Create a Custom Application in NetBiscuit
  5. Test it!

1.- Create an empty Website using Visual Studio 



After creating a new empty website add an item Default.aspx

Remove everything from the Default.aspx but the header, make sure that it has ContentType="text/xml"

2. - Download a Sample NetBiscuit app from

Sign it to NetBiscuit

Clink on the Biscuit Samples option. Do not click on the .Net Samples.

I downloaded the first one: BiscuitML - Sample Ad

3. - Copy the bml and images to our website 

The sample up we downloaded only has one xml file, copy it and paste it below the .NET directive in the Default.aspx

Copy the images from the sample up to your website

4. - Create a Custom Application in NetBiscuit 

Something important to notice at this point is that you need to make sure that your server security settings are correct. It will receive requests on port 80 (at least configured otherwise, as I did) from out of your server's network. 

Sign in to NetBiscuit, click new, Custom application

Fill in the fields accordingly to your needs, I will not provide details about how to configure IIS but if you have any questions let me know.

5. - Test it!

We are ready to go! Go to your applications then click on simulator.

Congrats here you have your first NetBiscuit app!

With every custom application you create in NetBiscuit a host name is created so that you can test it, see the host name highlighted in the top left corner of the previous screenshot. Copy that and paste it in the navigation bar of your browser, as you can see you don't need the simulator to test your mobile app.

In case you want to check the bml returned by your .NET site you can add the following query string to your URL ?debugForceMarkup=rbml, thanks Jaime for letting us know how to do this in Orlando ;o)



  1. Hi Asier,
    I have understood all the things from your blog except the part about"4.Create a Custom Application in NetBiscuit ".
    I am not able to get this integration part.
    Can you please elaborate and provide some help regarding this as early as possible?

  2. Are you using Tridion? If yes, then you need to create a custom application in NetBiscuit, step 4 only describes how to do that. First you need a NetBiscuit account, then you go to Application, then click a new "Custom Application", fill in the details and you are done. For more information refer to the NetBiscuit help documents, you should be able to find more information there. However creating a custom application is a matter of 3 clicks and filling in a four fields form with the details of the custom application.

    I hope that helps.

  3. Thanks for your help.I am using Visual Studio as IDE and wanted to know details of Netbiscuits integration with VS 2008.And your post helped a lot. Now,I have different problem.I now have to make standalone applications like native codes for different mobile platforms like android,Iphone etc using Visual Studio as IDE.So now rather than going for Web application,I will prefer information regarding standalone mobile platform specific apps(generating native codes)if possible. Thanks in Advance.

  4. Hi Asier, nice work on here. Just started studying NetBiscuits and wish to integrate it with ASP.NET WebForms or MVC 3/4.
    Can you further explain the step 4? My understanding though is that we need to have a public domain to make this work. Is this correct?
    Or, is it possible if I can have it as localhost only?

  5. @Suhas Ravindra Sudke, I am afraid that your question falls out of my expertise thus I can't help you.

    @Alexander Deyto, one question at a time:

    Can you further explain the step 4? It doesn't matter what server side technology/architecture you are using, the only thing you need to provide in the NB Custom App is the URL that will return BML.

    My understanding though is that we need to have a public domain to make this work. Is this correct? Yes, it is correct. NB needs to be able to access the website returning the BML.

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