Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cross-domain Searching

Some weeks ago I wrote this post about how to keep up with the Tridion community, in the last part of the post I mentioned that I was still missing a way of doing cross-domain search ONLY through the entire community efficiently in one go. It is very important to search only in the community to increase dramatically the relevancy of the results. 

Well, last week I found out about a beta version of a new google service that allows you to create your own custom search. You can do it from this page, I have already created my own Custom Search Engine (CSE) with all the Tridion related sites I follow. Furthermore I have added to my blog my CSE so that you can play around and even use it yourself to perform real searches, it is placed just to the right of these lines.

I am very enthusiastic about this service because from now on we'll be able to search efficiently for any thing within a tiny group of websites in which we are interested. what does this really mean? Let's compare the search results for the phrase "content delivery" using and my CSE.

From a Tridion perspective, searching for "content delivery" in returns 0 relevant results in the first page.

From a Tridion perspective, searching for "content delivery" in my custom search engine returns only relevant results.


  1. My friend, you say "tiny group of websites" and I'm tempted to say "for now!"

    But well yeah, it'll be tiny for a bit longer... relatively.

    Thanks for the tip, do we get ad revenue?

    Hey, is that Will?