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          • 智能超声波汽车驱鼠器家用电子驱鼠器****大功率

          • 智能超声波汽车驱鼠器家用电子驱鼠器****大功率
          • 智能超声波汽车驱鼠器家用电子驱鼠器说明书

            Solar Animal and Bird Repeller



            Thanks for your purchasing this item. Please read and understand these instructions and keep this manual for future reference. This item uses solar power to recharge the batteries so it is always working after the battery recharged. The Passive Infrared sensor detects motion and triggers the ultrasonic speaker emitting a tone that animals can feel and chase away these animals.



            -A strong ultrasonic wave to frighten animals. The wave is activated when an animal enters the PIR Sensor range and then the animals feel uncomfortable and will run away from the area.

            -A strong flashing LED to scare animals. The strong flashing LED will be activated when an animal enters the area, then the animal will be scared and flee away.

            -In order to have better effect, we add alarm sound to scare wild animals.


            SET UP

            -??Button “Sensitivity” : You can adjust the item sensitivity and distance. By turning the knob clockwise, you increase the range of protection.

            -??- Button“Frequency”: This is to control frequency. By turning the knob clockwise, the frequency will be increased.

            -??Button“Frequency”position as below:

            -??- 0: OFF

            -??- 1: 13.5KHZ-19.5KHZ to repel animals such as mice, rats, dogs, foxes, martens etc

            -??- 2: 19.5KHZ-24.5KHZ to repel animals such as cats, raccoons, badgers, skunks etc

            -??- 3: 24.5KHZ-45.5KHZ to repel animals such as bats, birds, rodents etc

            -??- 4: Alarm and strong LED flashing lights to scare wild animials

            -??- 5: Function together mode 1-model 2–model 3, and turn on strong flashing.


            To Assemble and Install

              1.??????Remove the battery compartment on the back; Install 3x AA size rechargeable batteries, and then close the battery compartment. 2.??????Place the unit pointed towards the area that you want to protect 3.??????Remember to choose a place where the solar panel of the top can get as long time sunshine as possible. And avoid4.??????If you mount the unit in the ground, insert the spike into the ground carefully. Please leave the spike 12cm or more above the ground. It is suggested that you dig a hole and then insert the unit to ensure no damage occurs.5.??????The item can be inserted in the ground, or mounted against the wall, or put the top part directly on the flat surface.

            Technical Specification

            l?Infrared sensor angle: 110 degrees

            l?Detection range: 8-9 meters depending on animals size

            l?Power supply: solar power +3x AA size rechargeable batteries or 9 V, 200mA adapter.

            l?If adapter plugged, the item will keep working, the PIR sensor will not work.

            l?If there are a few days as cloudy or rainy, you can charge the item via the adapter.

            l?Red LED: indicates the unit is activated.


            Battery issue

              1.??????If new rechargeable batteries or batteries in the product no use for a long time , the batteries power may be fully released. It is suggested to charge the batteries 3-5 times to activate and they will become normal to use.2.??????If the batteries which have been used for a very long time can be charged fully very soon, it means you need to change the batteries.3.??????If the battery cannot be use for a long time, please replace 3 pieces 1.2V AA size rechargeable batteries in the battery compartment. The better quality the batteries are, the bigger capacity the batteries are and the better effect the item will be.4.??????Please deal with the abandoned batteries to the recycling center for the used electrical and electronic devices. You can consult the local government for more information.



              1.??????It happens that human can hear part of its range. So put the device as far as possible from human life place. Do not install the device in a children and baby playing ground area.2.??????Do not cover up the PIR sensor3.??????To clean the device, use damp-soft and mild soap with water. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents that may damage the device.

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